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Construction a Prototype for a New Endstop


February 2014

With the arrival of the ordered components a new problem showed up. The 74LVC1G58GW configurable multifunction gate could barely be seen with the naked eye (image 1). With its tiny dimensions, a TSSOP6 package with dimensions of  1.8 x 1.15 x 0.8 mm (LxWxH), it appeared to have six legs (!) that needed to be connected to the other components.

Image 1:  Breadboard with three components (left: power supply, right: three singe components) (Image: FRS)

Breadboard detail
Image 2: 74LVC1G58GW multifunction gate on breadboard (in front of center leg of the LED) (Image: FRS)

In image 2 we see the
74LVC1G58GW multifunction gate placed on the breadboard below the center leg of the LED. The LED is a Duo-LED, green and red and therefore has three legs. The component at the left of the LED is the Hall sensor. For comparison of the dimensions: the diameter of the transparant LED is 3 mm!

Image 3: 74LVC1G58GW multifunction gate (Image: NXP)

The 74LVC1G58GW multifunction gate (enlarged in image 3) is a so-called surface mounted device (SMD), i.e. it is placed (with reflux solder paste) on the surface of a printed circuit board and than (with all other SMD components) "baked" in an oven for refluxing the solder. Contrary to tradional "through hole" components SMD's can be made very tiny, thus enabling compact circuits.

Before being able now to construct anoperating breadboard circuit for testing the Hall sensor endstop it will be necessary to solder wires to the
legs of the 74LVC1G58GW multifunction gate and this apparently only can be done with a stereo macroscope (image 4). This instrument is not present in my workshop and I may have to ask around if someone has such an instrument. A new delay has suddenly occurred!

Image 4: Stereo Macroscope (Image: Bresser Optics)


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